Thursday, May 15, 2008

A lot of APEX at ODTUG and Sneak Preview

It's not that long anymore before Kaleidoscope is starting.

It looks like Oracle Application Express (APEX) is getting a lot of attention! Rumors are we might see some nice new things...

On Sunday there is a full day Case Studies, titled: "The Seasoning of Application Express – Must Hear Success Stories". Together with one of our clients we present "Oracle Application Express: Power to the People ", a non-technical presentation, but it will show how people adopt APEX in one of the biggest biotechnology company.

From Monday till Wednesday there are a lot (18!) APEX sessions:

  • Building the New Stuff: AJAX , JSON, and APEX 3.1 by Carl Backstrom
  • Advanced Oracle Application Express Tips and Techniques by Chris Ostrowski
  • APEX Cheat Sheet 3 by Karen Cannell
  • Creating Advanced Charts in Oracle Application Express by Dimitri Gielis
  • APEX Development: Watch It Live by Bill Holtzman
  • Creating Dynamite Applications with Application Express that Deliver by Kathy Hunsicker
  • Explore and Benefit the APEX Repository by Michiel Jonkers
  • Go Global with Oracle Application Express by Joel Kallman
  • Writing a Custom Authentication Scheme for Application Express: A Case Study by Raj Mattamal
  • Migrating from Access to Oracle Application Express by Josh Millinger
  • How to Hack an Oracle Application Express Application by Anton Nielsen
  • Oracle Application Express (APEX) Version 3.1 by David Peake
  • Application Express in Support of Institutional Strategic Planning by Tanya Podchiyska
  • APEX Hints, Tips and Best Practices by John Scott
  • You Can't Do THAT in a Browser! Extending Oracle APEX with Third Party Components by Scott Spendolini
  • Use the Power of APEX Dictionary Views to Increase the Quality of Your APEX Applications by Karen Van Hellemont and Jan Huyzentruyt
  • Increase Your Oracle APEX Development Productivity with Open Source Tools by Patrick Wolf
  • Building Advanced Tabular Forms by Marcie Young
On Thursday I'm also on stage for the APEX vs. ADF Shootout.
Together with my friend, Lucas Jellema, we'll try to show you both environments and talk when to use what. When we did this talk in the Netherlands in December it was really fun. The public at ODTUG will be very different, so I'm curious to see how it will go.
But some people warned me! I got told I will be in the ring with an opponent that is heavily prepared and is getting help from some smart people. Like in boxing, I guess in the ring friends don't count anymore... I see it as I don't have anything to lose. Everybody expect the ADF monster will eat APEX, right? I hope they will show mercy with such a tiny boy ;-)

As a lot of European people might not have the opportunity to fly to the States, my friends at AMIS are organizing an ODTUG Sneak Preview. This event is completely free, but you'll have to register for it. Some of the presentations that will be at ODTUG, will be hold on the event. As you can see in the agenda, I'm also doing one of my presentations.

Some people asked when I would be in the Netherlands, so you might catch me there. Or you can come to our European APEX Training Days in Utrecht in September.

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