Tuesday, January 08, 2008

and the best speaker of the UKOUG 2007 is...

Some people published the feedback they received from their presentation at the UKOUG.

I read first Marco Gralike's post how he felt with his scores. It's always interesting to see how the audience react to your presentation. You learn a lot from the evaluations afterwards. Worst would be you thought you did a great job and afterwards you find out people didn't like it. You can always learn something to make the presentation better!

But when I read John Scott's post about his evaluation I was really impressed with his scores! Unbelievable high scores! I wonder what scores Tom Kyte and Jonathan Lewis get? They must be used to these scores I guess... although I think people start expecting more and more from you when you're at that level. For ex. I saw some presentations of Rich Niemec and I believe he's a confident speaker. But at Collaborate last year he got some though questions from the audience and people expected he would know all that (it was a presentation about the new features of the 11g database). He didn't know some of the questions and some of the public started to become "angry". I don't know anybody who knows everything, but I know a lot of people knowing a lot ;-)

To come back to John's presentation, that was indeed a really good one. Especially the debugging of APEX applications through SQL Developer I found impressive. Immediately after the session a lot of people congratulated him, then you know you did a great job. Congratulations John! I guess you must be close to the "best speaker" award!
If you want to see him presenting soon... London, March, at the European APEX Training Days.

I also did a presentation at UKOUG about the integration of BI Publisher with Oracle Application Express and getting some advanced reports out of it. You find my scores below... Not as high as John, but I'm happy with them ;-)

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