Tuesday, January 08, 2008

APEX 3.1 hosted environment updated

I just logged in into the online Oracle Application Express 3.1 hosted evaluation version.
I was surprised it got upgraded. The message says it got updated on January 7th 2008, so only a couple of minutes ago (as in Belgium we're a bit ahead of time).

The icons look more slick I think. The current version

I'm still figuring out what has changed. I guess the APEX-team will tell us in a moment.
What I think changed, when I go to printing I see some more options:

It's always nice to see updates coming out. Thanks APEX Development Team and keep up the good work.

Update - Just got this mail:

First, thank you for all your comments about our public evaluation instance of Application Express 3.1. We wanted to let you know that we just completed an upgrade of the instance to bring it up to date with our development. Many of the issues with Interactive Reports should be fixed now and you will also be able to see and use other new features such as the new Workspace Themes. If you find any new issues, please report them using the feedback application. The link is also available from within the hosted Application Express 3.1 evaluation instance Home page.

Thank You!
The Application Express Team

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