Thursday, January 10, 2008

Here we go again...

I remember the early days where we got some chain letters. You got luck when you would sent that letter to 10 others. I guess the guys started this, did a lot of these things before?

They used the same principle but an up-to-date technology. I got "tagged" by the great Tim's: Tim Hall and Tim Dexter... so I'm "it".

I never did chain letters! But as it's an "Oracle Wave" I would feel guilty to stop it, so here we go...

Eight things about me you may not know:
  1. When I was younger I had a crush on Pamela Anderson. In 1997 I even had a site dedicated to the blonde model! Although the early days of internet, I got more visits on that site than on any other site I'm hosting now ;-)
  2. I was a fan of Manchester United, especially when Eric Cantona and David Beckham were still there. I even went to the stadium and walked on the field and saw the dressing rooms.
  3. As a little kid (around 1983) I played Super Bunny on my fathers Apple II. At that time you had only floppies, but we had already a paddle (sort of joystick)!
  4. When I was 10 years old, I bought my first PC (an IBM XT), from that moment all my money went into buying pc stuff.
  5. I had only one "real" girl friend and she became my wife.
  6. Till 21 I never touched alcohol (beer). I didn't like beer, I was more into fristi! Things change...
  7. As a little kid I wanted to become a "Bank Director".
  8. When I had to fill in the "poezie album" of somebody, most of them filled in with "Favorite food"; French fries, but I was the only one who filled in; "Chicory with ham and cheese covered with breadcrumbs".
I wanted to start tagging the next 8 people, but then read this...


Anonymous said...

I have to ask, what's a "poezie album"?


Tim... said...

Tag away dude. Don't let one person put a dampener on this stuff. I think it's fun. :)



Dimitri Gielis said...


"Poezie album" is a Dutch word for a kind of book which you give to friends (especially young children use this).

In that book there're a few predefined questions which you can answer, you can past a picture in it or you can draw something.

Hope that makes is more clear.