Saturday, January 19, 2008

My 2008 Schedule

Just as last year I'll be speaking on some major Oracle events.

The biggest reason for me to go to these events is meeting others. I really like talking to and having drinks with other passionate users of Oracle technology. It's always interesting to hear about their experience, know the person behind the blog I'm reading or just to come into contact with that one person reading this blog ;-)

If you're at one of the following events and want to meet, drop me a mail or feel free to put a comment on this post:
I'm also talking at some smaller events (mostly one day seminars) in the BeNeLux, but the dates are not fixed yet.

Hope to see you at one of the events,

PS: I always like to put a picture in my blog post, but I didn't want to add an obvious one this time. Finally I decided to go for Smeagal (Lord of the Rings), somebody an idea why?


Anonymous said...

The reason must be that it is a precious privilege to get to go to those conferences.

And isn't it Gollum on the picture? :-) He stopped being Smeagol some time after first getting hold of the "precious". Yes, I'm a LOTR freak.

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Mathias,

You've a beautiful name!
We chose for our son the same name, although it's written different: Matthias. ;-)

I won't give the answer yet...

Thanks for your comment,

Bill Ferguson said...

If it turns out that we have enough money in our budget, I'm planning on attending Collaborate, since it's local (I live in the Denver area).

Could the picture be because Gollum loved his "precious", and you Apex is your "precious"?

Bill Ferguson