Saturday, February 25, 2006

I'm still a live - Oracle tools

It’s already some time ago I posted something…

* What are the best Oracle tools?
I found an interesting url about that:
Based on the reviewer, I suppose Toad and PL/SQL Developer are the ones to use… BUT SQL Developer (Raptor) isn’t included in the test.

* My personal favorite Oracle tool per area:
- EM10g (Enterprise Manager) for doing DBA and Grid control
- SQL Developer (Raptor) for PL/SQL development and what you would do with TOAD.
Why replacing Toad? SQL Developer is free, works on Windows and Linux, easy to install (only unzip) and is really pushed by Oracle. There will be plug-ins for ex. DBA, Tuning, XML etc.
- Application Express (HTMLDB) to develop applications

* Question:
I’m also looking for “the versioning” in PL/SQL (a system like cvs). In 10g there would be something like that, but I don’t know where to find it… If you’ve some ideas, please let me know.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Being a newbie...

I saw an excellent thread on the Tom Kyte Blog, about a question of a newbie DBA who wants to get a quick answer.

I also find it important to know what you're doing. It takes a lot more time to get the "real" knowledge, but at the end you gain a lot of time in troubleshooting.
I must admit that I sometimes look into a "quick-fix" too. Being a consultant it's not that evident; the customer wants to get a solution as quick as possible... If you saw the problem already before, you can provide a quick solution, but if the problem is new, you should investigate, test and proof what you're saying (going to say).

As Tom too, I learn a new thing every day. Sometimes I forgot things or I can't find it in my archives, than there're these blogs which remembers you again...
I find it sometimes frustrating to "lose" knowledge or not knowing what you're doing. The technology is going soo fast, you just can't know everything anymore!

I know a bit of "everything", but I try to know a lot of the Oracle database, as I find this the most interesting soft on earth.