Friday, February 08, 2013

Online Oracle APEX documentation updated

Today, Anthony Rayner tweeted that the online APEX (JavaScript APIs) documentation was updated.

The JavaScript APIs of APEX got a complete rewrite over time and contains many hidden gems of APEX. Now you can read more about those in the documentation too and see some examples straight in there.

Next to the documentation it's also useful to look at the non-minified .js files that come with APEX.
You find them in ~your APEX directory~/images/libraries/apex/

In there you find many interesting .js files, based on the filename you have an idea which area they are in. For example if you want to work with cookies you can find that in storage.js. The navigation.js for example contains an interesting function to create popups and so much more...

Not everything is in the online documentation yet, but the documentation is updated frequently now, so definitely good to check it out again.