Friday, January 31, 2014

APEX 5.0 (EA) Page Designer video's

APEX 5.0 early adopter is about to be released in the public.

Requesting a workspace is not working yet at the time of writing this post, but I expect it can be opened every moment now.

APEX 5.0 carries many new features, one of the biggest is the new Page Designer which should increase developer productivity even more. David Peake recorded some videos, here's the APEX 5.0 Page Designer Overview:

You find more detailed videos for the specific sections of the APEX 5.0 Page Designer on YouTube:

Congrats to the Oracle APEX development team for delivering APEX 5.0! It looks awesome.

Increase post back size in Glassfish

I created a small mobile APEX app for my football team where they can upload pictures to the app.

Sometimes saving the picture worked, sometimes it didn't. If it didn't work I hit the following error: "Post too large". It turned out that my Max Post Size in Configurations - server-config - Network Config - Network Listeners - http-listener-1 under HTTP was set too small.

After increasing it worked like a charm.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Start learning a new Oracle technology

I found it very interesting to read Tom Kyte's New Year resolutions for 2014.

"Learn something new about Oracle almost every day"

"Learn a new technology outside the comfortable realm of Oracle Database".

Resolutions I try to follow myself every year...

I love to try and integrate different technologies with Oracle APEX. Looking back at the last two years, just from the Oracle stack alone, in 2012 I played around integrating APEX with E-Business Suite (see blog). In 2013 I played around with Big Data and Endeca and tried to see how APEX could work with that (see presentation).

But you might wonder, how do you start with a new Oracle technology?

You can download and install almost all Oracle software from OTN for free to try-out.
There's also the Oracle Cloud where you can try their cloud solutions.
But maybe even easier are the pre-built Oracle VMs. A complete environment with all necessary software installed and some guides to get started.

In a future post I'll talk about how to learn different technologies linked to web development. In web development things are changing very fast; new (javascript) frameworks, new insights in web design etc. popup almost every day!