Sunday, August 13, 2006

Not alone anymore!

I'm not alone anymore... I'm called a "man" from now on ;-) My girl friend is gone, she became my wife.
My pc will get a bit jealous as she (it) won't get a lot of attention for the rest of August, because I'm going on honeymoon!

The pictures are showing the destination... yes, Mauritius!

I hope I'll get there, as British Airways cancelled there flights to/from Brussels today!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Peek on Follow-up WC2006 app

Here 're some screenshots from the follow-up of the APEX WC2006 application.

On the left side, the proposition of the graphic designer. At the right side, how I implemented it at this stage. The application is still in an early development phase... but I already want to give you an idea what my next application looks like.

Like you can see on the pictures, the application will be about tournaments. Not only football. The principle stays the same as in the APEX WC2006 application; the application must be "interactive"; it will allow betting on the scores and discussing about the tournament. But that's not all, it will allow you to create your own tournaments, users participating in teams etc.

On a technical level; the application will be entirely written in APEX 2.2 and it will try to include "all" available features of APEX. Some additional javascript and AJAX will be used too ;-)

I can't give you a date yet when the application will be available... probably somewhere in October. In August I won't have a lot of time as you'll see in an other post.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

APEX Packaged Applications

Oracle released some packaged applications (APEX example applications) on OTN.

Following are already available:

  • APEX Discussion Forum
  • Aria People Search
  • Shuttle Demo (created by Carl Backstrom, member of the APEX Dev Team)
Others will follow soon...

I'm finalizing my database design of the "next" APEX WC2006 app. I also discussed the lay-out with my "graphic wonder"... I'll post some screenshots soon :-)

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

SQL Developer usefull?

I just saw Oracle released the Statement of Direction for SQL Developer on OTN.
In the document you'll find some features planned for the next releases.

I'm sure SQL Developer can help any APEX developer.
Some of the features I think we miss in SQL Workshop, but are/will be available in SQL Dev:

  • SQL & PL/SQL beautifier
  • Explain plan support
  • Autotrace support
Sue Harper, Product Manager of SQL Developer, blogged some screenshots of new features here.