Sunday, January 14, 2007

HTMLDB or APEX? The winner is ...

I was playing a bit with googlefight. It's so amusing to see that my wife could beat Pamela Anderson ;-)

I also did the test on popularity between HTMLDB and APEX. Oracle made the good decision to change the name (Application Express is even more popular)

And how about me against Larry Ellison?

Indeed... I've still some work to do.


Patrick Wolf said...


try Patrick Wolf against Larry Ellison.

Guess how is the winner...??? :-)

Dimitri Gielis said...


APC said...

Dmitri, why do you describe the HTMLDB vs Apex results as good? Most of those APEX results (like about 28million of them) are for something other than Oracle Application Express. Ditto Application Express. Whereas the results for HTMLDB vs "Application Express" are a lot more even.

My point is, that it is very easy to find web pages that contain information on HTMLDB. Whereas finding stuff on "Application Express" requires at the very least more typing, and probably a higher belt in Google Fu in order to get focused results.

Cheers, APC

P.S. APC vs "Larry Ellison" is very gratifying but I know whose bank account I'd rather have. Besides, most of thoise APC results are actually for American Power Conversion Corp.