Sunday, April 26, 2020

Fix ORDS issue: No pools configured yet

In a previous post, I blogged how I do my Oracle APEX upgrade, and part of that is to copy ORDS.

But when I tried to start ORDS, I got the "No pools configured yet" in my logs. 

ORDS was running, but APEX wasn't accessible.

I spend my night looking at this, as I already had done so many ORDS installation and configurations, but still was puzzled with this... so thought to share the fix, even if it's just so I can remember the next time it happens ;)

- My Oracle database is a CDB with multiple PDBs
- For every PDB I have a separate ORDS running in standalone

When doing an upgrade of APEX I do:
- Copy PDB called APEX_PDB to APEX[version]_PDB (e.g. APEX192_PDB)

For ORDS I did this:
- Copy directory ords to ords192
- In ords192, change ords.war to ords192.war, set the new path for the configdir and in the standalone directory change to serve a different port and path:

Doing the above, ORDS was running nicely but gave me the "No pools configured yet" error, which also means APEX wasn't accessible.

If in my I wouldn't change the path to /ords192 but keep /ords it worked just fine. But I didn't want that, as I'm used to use /ords[apex_version]

So what finally worked for me, was the following:
- mv the ords directory to ords_old
- create a new directory ords and unpack the ORDS zip
- rename ords.war to ords192.war
- set the config dir of ords192.war
- run java -jar ords.war setup and follow the wizard
- run java -jar ords.war standalone and follow the wizard
- quit
- open the file and change the standalone.context.path=/ords to /ords192
- start ORDS again

To me, it seems a combination of renaming the war file first, setting config dir and make sure to change the standalone properties as the default in there is /ords


Blair said...

I think ords *changes* the ords.war in some way when you do install/setup etc (because the "data modfied" changes. So even though you have all these properties and xml files, if you manipulate them, then you can end up with an ords.war that does not match and it all goes downhill from there.

I often end up going back the install zip and going from scratch. I might be wrong, but yeah, ords config is frustrating.

Arno van der Kolk said...

@Blair, you are right. Normally, as part of the installation of an ORDS, the installation process modifies the ords.war. If I'm not mistaken, the location ("configdir") is written into one of the files inside of the ords.war. This way, at runtime, the ORDS knows where to look for the config files.

Note that ORDS will look in the configured directory for a subdirectory with a name equal to the name of the .war-file.

E.g.: if you were to rename "ords.war" to "ords_19.4.war" and the config dir would be configured as "/etc/ords/", in fact the ORDS (inside "ords_19.4.war") would look for the configuration in "/etc/ords/ords_19.4/".

Bifin said...

Don't switch to ORDS 19.4? Waiting for ORDS 20.2? Do you use ORDS only for Apex, or else as a REST service?

Dimitri Gielis said...

I run ORDS 19.4 since December and it runs very stable for me.

Bifin said...

You may have few connections and ORDS 19.4 does not fall. And more. A productive system on "standalone"? Isn't it better to transfer ORDS to Tomcat?