Friday, January 27, 2006

Oracle technology news

As former Oracle employee I know that Larry E. is ambitous...
He sees $$$ and want's to be the n° 1 in:
1) Database
1) Application Server - Middleware (Fusion)
1) Business Applications

To come there, it's not possible anymore for Oracle to do it all by themselves. They need partners... I'm responsible for the Oracle Team at AUSY, and we want to become "the" prefered partner for Oracle solutions in BeLux.
At the end, customers are bying SOLUTIONS not technology anymore!

Some days ago I was at the Oracle Roadshow for ISV's.
I saw at the event the 10g "Fusion" architecture... it was quite impressive.
* Overview: Application (SOA), Architecture (Grid Computing), Information (EIA) and in the middle Oracle FUSION Architecture
* Technology: AS 10g, DB 10g, EM 10g, CS 10g all connected - Fusion -

Also a new feature in 10g DB... table functions - nice if you want to do, like in Excel/Access, crosstab queries.

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