Friday, May 26, 2006

The Orablogs effect!

Just like Doug Burns post, where he was talking about a "Thomas Kyte Effect", I had today something similar! For me it was the "Orablogs / Sergio Effect"...

As like on other days, I was reading Orablogs.
But this day will be kept in my memory! Suddenly I saw the post of Sergio, talking about me and my blog. First I couldn't believe it... but then I looked at my stats of my blog and I saw a hugh increase in visitors!

Thanks Sergio!

I really look up to the posters of Orablogs... especially I'm reading the blogs of Tom Kyte, Sergio Leunissen, Scott Spendolini, Doug Burns, Sue Harper and some others (see the rss feeds on the picture). Seeing myself in one of their posts gave me a warm and pleasant feeling.


B. Fischer-Wasels said...

HI Dimitri, so now you seem to have more traffic...I added a link to your BLOG to mine: - an HTMLDB/APEX BLOG in German. Cheers ! Bernhard

Dimitri Gielis said...

Thanks Bernhard!

I'll add some APEX links on my blog in a while...
I'll also include your blog ;-)