Wednesday, September 20, 2006

APEX patch 2.2.1

A patch for Oracle Application Express 2.2 is released on the 14th of September.

This release fixes several issues in Application Express 2.2, you find the details below. The full installation of Application Express 2.2.1 can be downloaded from the OTN Site. The Application Express 2.2.1 patch set, to be applied to an Application Express 2.2 instance, can be downloaded from MetaLink (Patch Number 5500033) and is about 2.6MB.

To install the patch:
- sqlplus "sys/syspass as sysdba" @apxpatch.sql
- Copy the images/javascript/htmldb_html_elements.js file to the images/javascript directory used for Application Express. The version of htmldb_html_elements.js included in the patch set should overwrite the existing file.

It took me less than two minutes
to apply the patch and it worked great :-)

If you're working with Application Express 2.2 and XE, you should read this.

The table below contains a list of the bugs fixed with the Oracle Application Express release.
Bug Nr Description
5441709 Substitutions Not Respected In HTML Form Element Attributes
5442085 Item Buttons Do Not Show On Page Definition Page
5459267 Substitution Message Is Not Displayed While Importing Application Export File.
5473520 Calendar Does Not Render Correctly When Day Link Contains Substitutions
5478895 Creating A Form And Report On A Table Does Not Respect Report Region Name
5442111 Creating Breadcrumbs Does Not Consistently Use Breadcrumb Region
5453208 Missing Indexes On Apex_Mail Log Tables
5463785 Reordering Report Columns Jumbles Show Checkbox
5485723 Post Element Text Is Not Included In A Page XLIFF Translation File
5485866 Unable To Delete Messages From APEX_MAIL_QUEUE
5496804 Some Item Types Apply Label Attributes To The Form Item
5499606 Misspellings In Apex Views Columns And Comments
5499948 Build Option Utilization Report Raises Exception
5503306 Page Radio Items With Names > 30 Characters Cause Page Failures In Some Cases
5412152 PL/SQL: Numeric Or Value Error In Supporting Objects When Switching Editor
5439073 Prerequisite Check For CREATE TYPE System Privilege Always Fails
5439502 WWV_FLOW_CLICKTHRU_LOG Missing Corresponding APEX_DICTIONARY Views
5452033 Display As Text (Based On LOV) Items Cannot Handle Non-Numeric Extra Values
5453543 Unable To Edit Parameters In Process Of Type Web Service
5469015 Authentication Fails On Popup Item Help Pages
5479160 Generate DDL Functionality Fails In 9iR2 Databases
5493470 Application Builder Page Definition Page Does Not Show Build Options
5494575 Named List Of Values In APEX_APPLICATION_PAGE_RPT_COLS View Is Always Null
5443026 Reordering Report Columns Does Not Adjust Sort Check Boxes
5518829 Unable to Use Date Picker on TIMESTAMP in tabular form

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