Friday, March 16, 2007

APEX 2.2.1 upgraded to 3.0 with success

As you can see below, the upgrade to APEX 3.0 on my local instance was successful.
It took me about 56 minutes to have the upgrade running.

(During the upgrade I received an ORA-00257 = problem with archiver - if you've the same error, look at Note:278308.1 in Metalink to solve it)

The first tests were successful... To get pdf printing working, a bit more is necessary, as BI Publisher or an XSL-FO server is necessary. You find the integration steps here.

The new version of APEX 3 on my local machine, exact version Application Express

The screen after installing APEX 3.0

Thanks APEX-Dev team! This new version is great!


Алексей said...

APEX work fine even on Oracle XE.
Rem Set XE variable to '1' for XE installation, '0' for non-XE installation
define XE = '1'
and you must overwrite some files throught WEBDav ->
from "apex-source files/images" and it will work.

Anonymous said...

I tried installing APEX on XE but it somehow didn't let me. I didn't even get any errors. Is there a tutorial/documentation that I can read regarding this?

Anonymous said...

congratulation on stealing software!

you need a database license to run apex - you dont have one with XE.

People who steal software are scum

Anonymous said...

I hope your comment is not directed towards me. I was actually trying to to see if I can install Apex on XE. I didn't want to design/build a production system.
License comes into play if I wanted to do that. I hope you are not against people trying to learn new things. If you are, that would make you a bigger scum. I am sure you are not one.

Anonymous said...

According to the Oracle forum both XE and Apex 3.0 are free, for learning and deployment. The issue is only that Apex 3 is not officially supported on XE.