Monday, December 10, 2007

ODTUG - Last Day to Submit Your Abstract

Just got a mail that it's the last day to submit your presentation for the Kaleidoscope 2008 conference of ODTUG.

Title: Evolution of the Developer: Middleware and Beyond
Date: June 15-19, 2008
Venue: Sheraton New Orleans, Louisiana

There's also a new APEX Symposium the Sunday before the conference with some APEX Case Studies...


Borkur Steingrimsson said...

oddly the site isn't responding now ... perhaps they are flooded with abstracts :)

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Borkur,

Yes, the site must have been difficult to handle all the requests from my blog ;)

Their site is working again.


Andrew Woodward said...

Hi Dimitri

I think the deadline's now extended to the 17th December.

I'm quite tempted to submit the abstract for the APEX presentation I did at UKOUG last week - I really fancy a week in New Orleans, and I enjoyed the conference at Daytona last year very much.

(Btw sorry I couldn't make your presentation last Wednesday - hope it went well.)