Sunday, November 09, 2008

First time in Canada

I just arrived in Calgary where I'll have some meetings (around the use of APEX).

It's my first time in Canada. I didn't know what to expect, although I got slightly worried when I read a (bad) review about the hotel I'm staying in. But to be fair, the Ramada hotel isn't that bad. The room is nice, but the hotel is a bit dead.

It's a bit too cold for me in Calgary (only 2 degrees), but I guess I can be lucky as the taxi-driver told me it can be -40 degrees over here! I didn't see much else yet, only 17 Avenue where I went to a famous bar/restaurant called Jack's.

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Louis-Guillaume said...


I hope you enjoy your first time in Canada. If 2 degrees is too cold, I guess you need more appropriate cloths. ;) I don't know a lot about Calgary but I know Montreal night life is the best in Canada! Since you are not here for vacations, it doesn't really matter.

See you one day here in Montreal, Quebec. :)