Monday, June 15, 2009

Web development with Safari 4

I'm really a "Firefox with Firebug" fan if we are talking about Web development.

I wouldn't know what to do without Firebug as it allows me to investigate my page, run and debug my javascript code, change the styles on the fly, see which files are missing and much more.

But as you probably know, the biggest challenge in web development is being browser compliant. Typically I develop my APEX applications in Firefox, test it there and run another test in Safari (I'm developing on Mac). Having two browsers open is also handy to test session state and what is happening when multiple users are in the application.

I always dreamed of having Firebug also on Safari as sometimes something was working in Firefox but not in Safari. There is a Firebug lite, but I never liked it that much.
A few days ago I upgraded to Safari 4 and enabled the Develop toolbar (Preferences - Advanced).

You get a new Develop menu with a lot of options, just like in Firebug. I like it very much and the Web Inspector is also very impressive. I would definitely recommend to have a look at it, if you have a Mac and are doing web development.

In Safari 3 you could enable Web Inspector as well, but you had to run the following command in a Terminal window: "defaults write WebKitDeveloperExtras -bool true"

If I test my applications in IE, I use the Web Developer toolbar.


Patrick Wolf said...

Hi Dimitri,

you where faster than me! :-) I was thinking to blog about the same Safari tip a few days ago too. It's really a nice and useful feature.


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