Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Oracle Application Express Patch Set

Yesterday a new patch for APEX came out on My Oracle Support (Metalink). Without the patch number it was difficult for me to find the right patch, as just searching on product family Oracle Application Express didn't give the correct result. So if you want to download the patch from My Oracle Support search for patch number 8548651.

This patch includes a number of fixes:

Bug NumberDescription


In Firefox, Find functionality in HTML Editor Standard is broken.


In Firefox, text inside a table in HTML Editor Standard is always striked.


Updates ignored when editing all regions.


Error displays when applying changes to include an Oracle Report in application migrations.


Oracle Reports with a SQL query greater than 4k cannot be converted in Forms conversion.


Oracle Report SQL queries greater than 4k are not displayed in Forms conversion project.


Export/import actions cause loss of interactive report print attributes.


Transactional SQL in SQL Commands results in a ORA-01003.


Enhanced query not saved correctly when Apply Changes is clicked in application migrations.


Application import is slow and sometimes times out.


Unable to use greater than character (>) in expression in CASE statement of computed column.


Upgrading runtime-only environment results in ORA-04042 errors on GRANT action.


APEX_UTIL.EXPORT_APPLICATION(_PAGE) throws ORA errors with multibyte characters.


Cannot create application from a Migration project with mixed case table names.


Create package with methods on database tables fails.


When using page groups, manage unassigned links goes to wrong page.


Slow performance when creating application on spreadsheet.


ORA-44003: invalid sql name error when creating a Calendar region.


apex_user_access_log.last_login column not correctly updated.


Unable to import SQL script using SQL Workshop, SQL Scripts, Import utility.


Poor performance when running Lists of Values Utilization report.


Interactive report from copied page takes bind variable value from original page.


Deep link lost after sso authentication.


Oracle Application Express schema needs EXECUTE privilege on DBMS_RANDOM, DBMS_OBFUSCATION_TOOLKIT.


Allow developed applications to call APEX_UTIL.CREATE_USER.


Unable to edit non-database blocks listed in application migrations.


COLUMN COLUMN_EXPR not exposed in Oracle Application Express views.


Build Options display incorrectly in some Oracle Application Express views.


Tabs overlap in 2-level Tab template in Chrome/Safari for Theme 17.


Degraded performance using interactive reports over time.


Interactive report charts raise Object Required error in Microsoft Internet Explorer.


ORA-00936 is displayed in page views by workspace and user (4050:36).


Original query generated for Forms conversion uses incorrect column names.


BLOB download links are incorrect when multiple file items referenced on a page.


ORA-00942 error occurs in Utilities, Object Reports, PL/SQL Unit Line Counts.


ORA-00979 error occurs in Utilities, Schema Comparison report.


JavaScript error using Interactive reports when selecting a column in Search bar.


Unable to upload Oracle Report XML to Forms conversion project on Oracle Database, release 9.2.


Create workspace fails - ORA-28232: Invalid input length for Obfuscation Toolkit.

How to install the patch and further information you find in the patch notes. After installing the patch your version of APEX should be


Morten Braten said...

This page still says "" in the title, but on the rest of the page it has been changed to "".

However, I am fairly certain that the list of bugs fixed is the same as it was on this page a month or two ago (when it described patch .11).

So the real question is, what does patch .12 really fix?

Mark Lancaster said...

Hi Dimitri

The patch is also missing the apxldimg.sql, apxpatch.sql and README.html files from the top patch folder.

Copy them from the earlier version of the patch, and everything runs properly.

Mark Lancaster said...

More bad news - this patch has broken exporting of application components.

Try exporting application components, selecting any component.
Walk through the wizard until you get to the "Export Components" button, 4000:637.

When you press the button, you get an "ORA-01722: invalid number" message.

Able to export pages ok though.

Damn - I really like using export application components.

Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

I see the files apxldimg.sql, apxpatch.sql and README.html...

Sure your unzip didn't fail?


Peter Raganitsch said...

Hi Dimitri,

i think this isn't a new Patch, it still has the same Patch number as the upgrade Patch to 3.2.1 .

Also no "official" sources reported a new Patch, so maybe we should stay clear for the moment.


Mark Lancaster said...

Hi Dimitri

Checked at home - the patch I downloaded definitely was missing the files mentioned before.

Downloaded it again, this time it contained the files.

Reran the new version of the patch successfully. It also fixed the bug I'd mentioned with the "export components".

Logical explanation? Your guess is as good as mine.

ivan said...

i downloaded the version and installed from scratch and it seems the object browser is broken in firefox (3.5.7) as well as in my trusty ie 6. (broken = click on an object on the left and nothing happens)

ie 8 seems to render it ok.

can others see the object browser in firefox for ?

Stewart MacLeod said...

I may be late to the answer but with firefox I can not see object browser (but I can with release 4 - it must be the latest patch set)

I can't believe after all these months it is still an open issue