Monday, May 10, 2010

APEX 4.0 EA3 available

APEX 4.0 just got a new refresh with the latest build. The new build is Early Adopter 3 and has release number

This should be the final beta before the release of APEX 4.0, so it's definitely time to test it out if you didn't do it yet. I'm currently updating our training material to this new release, so you can expect new training material very soon.

We plan to do some APEX 4.0 training and I'm working with the Oracle User Groups to do APEX events to showcase this new release in many other events. APEX 4.0 is definitely the biggest release ever and it will change the way you develop web 2.0 applications significantly.

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Minervino said...

What are the New Features there please. Thanks and Congratulations for your great Job.

Marcus Minervino, Brazil