Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mike for President (ODTUG)

This is a post to help my friend Mike Riley to be reelected as the President of ODTUG (Oracle Development Tools User Group). It's not so much because I like him, it's because I think he deserves it.

During the last two years Mike made ODTUG even more successful than they were before. With his kindness, his easiness to communicate and always with a smile on his face he makes us all feel really appreciated and welcome at ODTUG and the Kaleidoscope conference.
In the last years, Mike was a real believer in APEX and made sure we had a dedicated track for that. Obviously it was not him alone doing all the work, there were many other people, but it's under his president ship the tracks really grew to what they are now (the most APEX presentations and highest quality of any conference).

I included a picture we took at OOW a week ago (thanks Joel for taking it!), so you can see for yourself how he looks like if you didn't know him yet (Mike's on the right) ;-)

This year there are 14 people trying to get elected and there are only 4 places!
So, if you still need to vote for the ODTUG Board Elections, don't forget Mike...

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