Monday, October 18, 2010

SQL Developer 3 EA new features

Last week seemed to be the week of the releases of the SQL Developer team. After Oracle Data Modeler 3.0 early in the week, it was the turn to SQL Developer at the end of the week.

Version 3.0 of Oracle SQL Developer has many new or enhanced features

  1. DBMS Scheduler
  2. DBA Functionality
  3. Files and Version Control
  4. Migrations
  5. PDF
  6. PL/SQL Support
  7. Query Builder
  8. Schema Browser
  9. SQL Plus Commands
  10. Spatial
  11. Tuning
  12. Unit Testing
  13. Unloading and Uploading
As you see some very cool and useful features. In some of our projects we use Spatial and Locator and the Map Viewer will become handy there. Having a DBA pane to get more info about the DBA is great too, so you don't have to write your own statements (scripts) or use EM.

I tried the Query Builder, but that didn't seem to work for me. It took a long time to search for the objects, but finally I just got a blank window. I could add other tables from other schema's, but the schema I was connected to was not included. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or it's because of the EA state and it's not optimal yet, not sure. I didn't really go into much detail to find the real cause as I've other priorities at the moment.

Next to the list of new features at the oracle website, it's also worthwhile to follow Kris Rice's, Sue Harper's and Barry Mcgillin's blogs as they blogged (or will be blogging) about some of the new features and included some demos. They are actually in the team that build this wonderful tool!

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Peter said...

I noticed they added a "Profile.." option when running procedures! Have been waiting for this. Cannot test it yet, don't have rights to execute DBMS_HPROF it needs.