Wednesday, November 03, 2010

The 10 days of APEXBlogs

As in analogy with "The 14th Days of jQuery" I plan to write the next 10 days a blog post about the new features in APEXBlogs v2 (release planned for November 12th).

For the people that don't know APEXBlogs yet; I created that site for a couple of reasons:
- Give the APEX community an easy access to the most interesting blog posts about APEX
- Backup the content of the blogs, so even when a blog would disappear, the info around APEX would not be lost
- Have links to the other interesting sites about Oracle Application Express
- To promote APEX
- Show what you can do in APEX. The initial release of APEXBlogs was written in April 2008, at that time APEX 3.0/3.1 and showed the integration of jQuery and other 3rd party components.

An older screenshot of APEXBlogs:

I leave the current APEXBlogs site running, but am not doing any development or maintenance on it anymore. That means some links are out of date or some blogs don't get synced correctly. I'm sorry for that, but I decided to put my energy in the new version.

I started version 2 of APEXBlogs a couple of months ago and decided to build it again from scratch in APEX 4.0. Version 2 is working in parallel for some time now and is syncing the blog posts, so any blog post written as we speak will appear in this new version when it goes live.

I'm very excited about this new version of APEXBlogs, but at the same time I've a lot of competing priorities, so lets see what will make it in the release of the 12th of November ;-)


Martin D'Souza said...

Looking forward to V2!

Tobias Arnhold said...

Great to hear. I'm really a fan of this apexblogs. I never watch any blog directly I only use this site.

Thanks Dimitri!


Tjedlin said...

Good work, I am anxiously awaiting this site.