Friday, June 17, 2011

Ready for the Weekly APEX QUIZ?

With the growing popularity and usage of Oracle Application Express, we are very excited to announce a new weekly Oracle APEX quiz launching on Saturday, 18th June. Weekly quizzes start on Saturday and end on Friday at midnight (UTC).

We have been deeply involved in the development (and success!) of the PL/SQL Challenge from the very beginning... and we have now taken the next logical step:

APEX Evangelists is now sponsoring a weekly APEX quiz, so you can now look forward to APEX Evangelists challenging you with some interesting quizzes. If you’re already a seasoned APEX developer or you are only just beginning your journey with APEX, then this is the perfect time to start competing in the APEX Quiz to help to deepen and broaden your knowledge about one of Oracle’s most exciting application development tools.

To play the APEX quiz starting 18 June, simply visit and choose the quiz in the Play a Quiz table. We also encourage you to submit your own ideas for APEX quizzes – and to volunteer as a reviewer (which you can do through the Feedback page).

We made a bet with Steven Feuerstein that more developers will be playing the APEX quiz than the daily PL/SQL quiz in no time! So help us spread the word! Let your friends co-workers know about the APEX quiz and start playing now!

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