Wednesday, January 25, 2012

E-Business Suite and APEX installation

Before doing the integration of Oracle Application Express (APEX) with E-Business Suite (EBs) you need to have both environments installed. The Oracle white paper talks about the installation of APEX, but not about installing E-Business Suite.

The white paper states; the prerequisites for the solution given are:

  • Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 or above
  • Oracle E-Business Suite Patch 12316083
  • Oracle Database or above
  • Oracle Application Express 3.2 or above

The first thing I needed was an E-Busisness Suite environment. Oracle provides some VM Templates for E-Business Suite 12.1.3. I wanted a complete demo system, like for example the HR schema in the Oracle database or the Sample Application in APEX. The VM Template for E-Business Suite includes the Vision demo.

I never installed EBs before, so I did some research how to do that. Finally I didn't proceed with installing E-Business Suite on our servers, as MCX was happy to provide us with a complete Oracle E-Business Suite 12.1.3 Vision installation on their servers. The version of the underlying Oracle database is I also asked them to apply patch 12316083.

APEX needs to be installed on the same Oracle database as the Oracle E- Business suite database server.
We went with installing the latest version of APEX at the moment: APEX 4.1.

Installing APEX is not that hard, basically running some scripts. The only bit you have to be careful with is the choice of web listener. APEX supports three web listeners: mod_plsql, EPG and the APEX Listener.
The mod_plsql gateway is disabled by default by EBs R12, so you shouldn't go with that. The EPG is not recommended either as it will add additional load on the database server, so the best choice would be the APEX Listener. The APEX Listener is the recommended choice in any circumstance anyway, regardless of EBs. (on a related note; I'm giving a presentation about my experiences moving to the APEX Listener at OGh and ODTUG.)

So after installing APEX and using the APEX Listener on an EBs configuration, the architecture looks like this:

So now all the prerequisites are met and we can concentrate on the real integration part in the next post.

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Daniel Borgstrom said...

I know for a fact that many EBS customers does not allow you to install APEX in the same instance as EBS. I think this is the reality in most cases. I asked David Peake what is the Oracle supported way to handle this this but there was no answer...

For EBS 11.5.10 there is a solution using a session cookie which works fine (have it in production at one of my customers for a couple of years now).

If you have time and energy it would be interesting to see you solve that :)

Thanks, Daniel

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Daniel,

The white paper (and so Oracle) is clear on this, APEX should be installed in the database of EBS.
But the support configuration only starts from EBS R12 and above.

So as you are talking about 11.5.10 it's something different and is probably not "supported" by Oracle in the same matter as R12. So with 11.5.10 you could go with a standalone DB that runs APEX and than have a database link or another connection mechanism to EBS.

Many customers have done it before, integrate EBS R11 with APEX, so if you need a solution I can put you in contact with some referencing customers. You can than share your concerns and they can tell you how they did it in their case.

Hope that helps,

Daniel Borgstrom said...

You are missunderstanding me. I have the 11.5.10 - APEX solutIon in productions since 5 years now, no problem there.

What i'm saying is that a lot of EBS customers will not let you install APEX in the same instance. Then we need a solution where APEX is installed in a separate database (for R12) which is not described/supported by Oracle.

Ashksngh said...

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walter said...

thanks for sharing this information.

Anonymous said...


Would you be able to share the APEX implementation procedure on EBS I am looking to use the same HTTP server and extend the Oracle EBS.


Unknown said...


i was installed apex in r12 environment

then configure to R12 i install apex listener by standalone installation in linux

but i am getting error 503 service unavailable in apex listener by standalone installation in linux for

also get this error 404 service unavailable in apex listener by standalone installation in linux for

for installation i used standard oracle apex installation guide

please help me to solve this problem

Thanks in advance
Kazi Rahil

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hello Kazi,

I think it's best to log your issue on the APEX Listener forum at

Hope that helps,