Friday, May 03, 2013

APEX Ice Cream - Oracle ACE Cookbook

The warm days are coming... time for some APEX Ice Cream! 

People in my close environment, they know I can't resist ice cream and chocolate! 
So what I did was I bought a real ice cream machine, so I could make my ice cream myself :-)

The different ways and flavours you can make your ice cream is unlimited ... anyway, this is how it looks like when you put your cream into the ice machine and wait 30 minutes.

So, is this blog post about making ice cream? Not really... I just wanted to bring under your attention that under the lead of Lewis Cunningham some Oracle ACE and ACE Directors created a real cookbook (for food)!

Lewis came up with the idea and did the hard work of putting everything together. There's a nice video of Lewis explaining why he wanted to do it. In 2008, it was actually Lewis who put forward my name to become an Oracle ACE Director which I will be forever thankful. When he raised the idea about the cookbook, I didn't have to think long to put the recipe in to make one of my favourite desserts; home made ice cream with chocolate sauce, I call it "APEX Ice Cream". You can read in the recipe why :-)

I embedded the cookbook from Scribd below:

If you want to make your ice cream responsive...

Here's how a version of a desktop version of APEX Ice Cream looks like:

And here's the smarth phone version, I didn't remove any content as you can see, it's just a bit closer together... APEX Ice Cream is why to good to show less on a smaller plate ;-)


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Gianluigi Trento said...

Hi Dimitri,
do you know that Apex can help you make ice cream?
We have a new product FaccioBuono that help to make gelato (ice cream).
It's in italian but we hope to translate it in the near future...