Monday, June 10, 2013

OTN Forums updated

Today the OTN Forums where updated. The site is still in read-only mode as they are fixing some issues. 

This is how the new APEX Forum looks like:

I need to get used to this new look and feel, but it looks more up-to-date design wise.

You can expand a thread straight from this page by clicking on the arrow-down icon which is nice.

At first sight it might actually organise the threads nicer; for example when people start to use the likes, the content page shows a nice overview and it should give an idea what is playing in the community.

For me the search and performance are one of the most important features of a forum, after a couple of days and when the upgrade is finalised, we know more...


Carsten said...

Nice design. I like this.

Byte64 said...

Today it seems the whole system has been brought to its knees, I log in but then I can't post anything and it kicks me out.
Now it even raised internal server error...

So, we're back to the good ole times.

Tonia said...

This is cool!