Sunday, December 28, 2014

2015 - "The" Year of Oracle Application Express (APEX)

The year 2014 was the 10th anniversary of Oracle Application Express (APEX). I still find it unbelievable 10 years have pasted. Time flew by... you might think that after 10 years of building APEX applications the technology is out-dated or you get tired of it, but more the opposite is true.

Oracle Application Express is a web technology and the web evolves fast, which keeps it interesting and fun. We can follow the latest and greatest in web world, integrate it with APEX and give our apps any look and feel we want. Next to that, APEX is build on top of the Oracle Database, so we can leverage all the functionalities of the database.

So the longer you work with the Oracle database and the more you know of web technologies, the more you can do in APEX. That's why I don't find it boring after 10 years - it's fun!

And now 2015 is just around the corner, so what about APEX?

The 5.0 release of APEX will go live in Q1 - it's the biggest release of Oracle Application Express in the last 10 years. It has the most advanced development interface in history. Every single page is updated within the Builder and it comes with a gorgeous new UI.
In short: it's the best release ever.

So the year 2015, will be "The" year of Oracle Application Express.

To celebrate "The" APEX year - I put myself a challenge ... on January 5th I'll start my chain of blogging and will do a new (APEX related) blog post every single day.  I hope to get a chain of at least a 100... let's see how far I get :) thanks for being part of it!


Scott Wesley said...

select date '2015-01-05' + 100 from dual;

15th April 2015

That's a lot of blogging! I'm not sure readers will be able to keep up!

Bell MEZADA said...

Just can't wait any more.. I'm really very exited to write my first production app with the 5.0 release.
Thanks a lot to You & thanks a lot to all the team responsible for making Apex such a big development product.

APEX Developer In the USA said...

So is this confirmed from Oracle (re: APEX 5.0 release in Q1 2015)?? This would be interesting, since they stated there would be a beta before 5.0 is released..

Thank you,

Tony Miller
LuvMuffin Software
Ruckersville, VA

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Tony,

The official release date communicated by Oracle is "in fiscal year 2015", which ends May 31st. So anything before that date.

But EA3 and the beta must almost certain ship in Q1, which at that time means the release is feature complete and only bug fixes go in. At least that is how I've always interpreted the communication.

Hope that clarifies.