Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Free Oracle Cloud: 2. Setup Autonomous Transaction Cloud (ATP)

This post is part of a series of blog posts on the Best and Cheapest Oracle APEX hosting: Free Oracle Cloud.

In step 1 we signed-up for the Free Oracle Cloud. Once we receive the email that everything is setup, after logging in you will see in the Oracle Cloud dashboard an "Always Free Eligible" box.
In this post we will create our first FREE Oracle Autonomous Transaction Database.

Login to the Oracle Cloud:

Click the Create a database link.

Give the database a name and select the type of workload you want to create. In most Oracle APEX projects I believe Transaction Processing is the one to go with:

Scrolling down on the page will show the Always Free switch, make sure to enable that :)
Further down you will need to provide some credentials that you will use to login later on.

Hit the Create Autonomous Database button and you will receive a detail screen that the provisioning has started:

You can now navigate to other parts of the Oracle Cloud. You will also receive an email when the provisioning is complete:

In the navigation (hamburger icon top left) click on the Autonomous Transaction Processing link and you will see the dashboard of the Autonomous Databases you have:

Once it's available you can click on it and see all details:

In the next post we will connect to our new Free Oracle Autonomous Database.


Vinny Jimenez said...

Thanks for this details, Dimitri. I will be following you on this. As you said, Oracle just blew my mind with this offer and it was just what I have been looking for some personal projects that aren't big enough to justify spending on hardware and all related to setup an Apex environment.

Amit said...

Hi Dimitri,

I just followed the steps and signed up but not able to see free option, what should I do ?

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Amit,

What region are you in? It looks like Oracle is rolling out the free tier in steps to all the regions.
Also what I saw is that if you were an existing customer of the Oracle Cloud, you might need to ask Oracle to whitelist your account so you see the free tier. So I would chat with Oracle.

Hope that helps,

Amit said...

Hi Dimitri,

I am in Toronto, Canada. I'll try and see with USA regions if option is coming.


Zoran Tica said...

Hi Dimitri and thank You for sharing all the information!

Seems that I also made a mistake and chose "Frankfurt" as a region (seemed logical to me because I'm from Slovenia and this region was nearest to my city).

What can I do now to change a region? I'm not able to do anything with my account - I can not change region, I can not create database instance or any other product... nothing. For every action I try I get message "You don't have access to these resources" or in some rare occasions "We're still setting up your account. To manage regions, please try again in a few minutes." But those minutes they mention are becoming hours and nothing changes...

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Zoran,

Frankfurt is ok, it makes all the sense.

I would contact Oracle Support (there is a chat on their website).
I believe that for some emails they don't enable all things straight away and it gets verified first.
It looks like you are in that category... but again, they should be able to fix this quick hopefully.


Zoran Tica said...

Yes, additional account verification can be the case.

Few minutes ago I opened another account to check if things would be different if I select another region (US-ashburn-1). But no - it acts the same.

I'll check tomorrow, maybe they will finish with verification process.

Zoran Tica said...

Hi Dimitri and thank You for Your help!

I checked my account on Frankfurt region and everything is working.

Seems like sometimes we need to wait a little longer while Oracle finishes with all verification and account settings, regardless of email that everything is ready.

Anonymous said...

is it possible to create a website with this service?

if so, how do i point a domain name to the network? no what IP address?

and where do i find apache/httpd.conf?

thank you!

Dimitri Gielis said...

Sure you can host your website there.
When you request the server, you can say you want a public IP address.

You would need to yum install apache and you find the config in /etc/httpd/conf

You can also use Nginx

pritam said...

I am getting following error. Looks like I need to contact help desk

The Autonomous Database Operation Failed Due To An Unknown Error.

Matthias Hoys said...

I just created my first free ATP database, but for the deployment type I could only choose between "Shared Infrastructure" and "Dedicated Infrastructure", there is no "Serverless" option. My region is Germany Frankfurt. Any ideas why this is different?


Matthias Hoys said...

I got an answer from Oracle. Apparently they renamed "Serverless" to "Shared".


Igor Cabrera said...

I created an ATP DB like 3 hours ago and it shows like UNAVAILABLE

How long does it take to be AVAILABLE?

Unknown said...

Hello Dimitri, thanks for your tutorials.
I have a question. I have an Ubuntu instance and a ADW/ATP database and want to connect the both together do you know how?
It's like i ve deploy my app on the compute instance and need to connect it with the database

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...

Hello, is it possible to change database nls caracterset ?

Anonymous said...

Why the db link?

Jahid said...

Hi Dimitri,
If I want to use Oracle Cloud Free Tier - Always Free Service for business purposes, will I have to pay or is there any limitation on Always Free Service for business purpose uses? (If I don't upgrow the confined size/services).