Wednesday, November 27, 2019

I don't like Black Friday, but AOP is doing it anyway!

Most people love Black Friday, but I don't. Many companies give  huge discounts the day after Thanksgiving, but I always feel stupid and have a bad taste whenever I see discounts. I just bought those nice pants and the week after they are on sale for 40%. Really? I typically buy things when I need them, so I don't really pay attention to time. It's happened more than once that I've bought something and in the next few days, the same item was on sale for a discount. I always feel so stupid then and feel like I paid too much.

I guess for certain articles that are seasonal, I can understand people want to get rid of the stock, so they give discounts. For B2C it might make sense, but for B2B I don't get it. Why would a service be worth less when you buy on a specific day? Most businesses in the US are closed on Black Friday, so not sure how they would buy something?

Anyway, the AOP Team had a discussion in the office if we should do a deal for Black Friday. Here's what they said: "YES, please let us make a deal and play with the other Black Friday children 😃 It’s just like getting a costume and going out and Trick-orTreating with the other kids on Halloween 😎"

Although I don't get it, I will put my pride aside and follow the team this year.

For one day, APEX Office Print will give a discount on the Cloud Silver and On-Premises Silver and Gold packages. Click this link to see the offer.

As I want it to be extra special and not just give a discount, we will also donate 50 USD per sale for any sale that is done on Black Friday to Make-A-Wish.

Happy Black Friday!

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