Saturday, June 17, 2006

ODTUG - P0: Flight to Washington

After an eight hour flight we (Borkur, a colleague and friend of me, and I) finally arrived at the Washington D.C. airport. After another two hours security by-pass and looking for our luggage we got a cap to the hotel where ODTUG will start.

The flight 951 (Brussels - Washington DC) with United was fine, although after a few hours it got bored. I just read some books and watched some parts of the movies United was playing. That was something new for me; a chair with a screen in... I could even adapt the volume, channel and what I wanted to see! The food was correct.

It's nice warm in Washington, after a little meal we went for a walk. There were a lot of people walking, some were running... I must admit that Washington D.C. is a living city, just like were I come from (Leuven, although it's not as famous as DC).

Oh yes, there's a 6h time difference in Washington compared to Belgium and Germany (World Cup!). At the moment it's 21h20 in Washington, but it's already late night in Belgium (3h20). That means I'm already awake for some time ;-)

Tomorrow ODTUG starts, I'll try to post some notes on my blog.
Pictures you can find here.

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