Thursday, June 15, 2006

Source of WC 2006 APEX app

I created a new zip file with the latest release of the World Cup 2006 application (v2).
You can download it here. I also submitted it to APEX Studio.

Please, don't abuse your insights, now you have the source code, to hack the online betting! If you see some security flaws, please tell me!
I made this source available to show you how I made the application... You'll see that there's a lot more into the application than you see online. Certain pages are only accessible via the admin user.

You're free to adapt it... I hope you sent me also the improved version.
If you'll use it in a production environment, I hope I get some money too! ;-)

Feel free to post your comments.


Anonymous said...

Where are the rules for ranking?

Dimitri Gielis said...

You find it in the PL/SQL procedures...

The project will probably become an APEX Open Source Project on Source Forge.
We can make some rules for the World Cup, the Champions League, custom rules etc.
At this moment it's only WC compatible, "hard coded" if you want.