Tuesday, November 07, 2006


From April 15-19, 2007 in Las Vegas, COLLABORATE '07 will take place.
The Independent Oracle User Group (IOUG) is still searching for speakers... you can submit an abstract till November 17.
People interested in presenting APEX related topics can have a look in the APEX forum (see also below).

The APEX community needs your insight and guidance. We would like to have a number of APEX presentations at COLLABORATE '07 (April 15-17 in Las Vegas...). Some of the topics coming out of a brainstorming session at OOW (John Scott - jes, Dimitri Gielis, Doug Gault, Tony Jedlinski, and me (or is it I?)):

APEX and email
o Novice
o Advanced
Using a custom CSS in your APEX application
o Novice (get into basic CSS, what it can do, how to do it)
o Advanced (special CSS tips and tricks)
o Novice (basics of AJAX, why Oracle uses it in APEX, what you can do with it, some sample simple examples)
o Advanced
APEX Dictionary
o Novice (the basic authentication methods, how they work, how to implement, basics on customization and LDAP/SSO/SSL)
o Advanced
Documentation best practices

The APEX SIG also made the roundtable questions available on their site.

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