Thursday, November 23, 2006

Teaching Oracle (Part 2)

The last two days I teached "Oracle Database 10g: Administration Workshop I" to another class.

I like to teach, I like to share my knowledge and help people... it gives me a warm feeling ;-) Maybe another reason why I like to give Oracle courses is because I can "preach" Oracle and tell the world about a wonderful thing! Sounds like Jesus, isn't it? ;-)

At the right, a picture of the students... When I first talked to them, I had the impression they weren't that interested in Oracle. I can understand them (although I've always been interested into Oracle!) when I heard they saw a lot of the Oracle theory for creating statements, procedures etc. The FUN part was a bit missing! I think I'm a bit different than a normal teacher. I try to show the students what they already "know" and make then the connection to the database. How does that look like into an Oracle database? Afterwards quickly explaining the slides (theory), to spent most of the time on hands-on exercises. I always learned quicker when I really saw what happened, so I try to teach like that. (But I also know not all people are the same, some need to read about, some need to hear about it, some need to see it working...)

I hope the students now know that Oracle can be FUN too!


Anonymous said...

We've had 2 courses this year that weren't given by our regular teachers but by 3 other people. And I think that every one in our class agrees that you're the best one we've had so far.

About your impression of our class wasn't interested in oracle is partially true. I think that everybody in our class wants to become a system administrator managing the network of a single company instead of going from company to company, implementing oracle.
When we graduate and see that not every one of us can get such a job, database administration will definitely be an option.

Anonymous said...

Just wait, 'till your students encounter their first ORA-XXXXX error or they'd have to apply the new update patch to their system :-)

Atul Kumar said...

Hi Dimitri,
Your blog is nice secially the way you explain things.
I would also like to share my knowledge & would like to take classes at Oracle University or any other oracle course on Oracle Apps 11i or 10g AS.
Is there any place I need to send my CV or register as Instructor...


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Atul,

Thanks for the nice comment.
I just teached on the school I was before... they asked me, so I didn’t put my cv somewhere.
Can’t really help you finding a way to put your cv or name.