Tuesday, February 06, 2007

APEX in Las Vegas (on Collaborate 07)

I had another look at the Collaborate 07 site.
A lot of new info is available about this Oracle training and education event.

The APEX Collab'07 presentations I found:

  • Session Number: Q101
    Presentation Title: Advanced Oracle Application Express Tips and Techniques
    Speaker: Bradley Brown, TUSC
  • Session Number: 117
    Presentation Title: APEX - Delivering pages in 3 seconds or less (because users don't like waiting!)
    Speaker: John Scott, Shellprompt Hosting
  • Session Number: 415
    Presentation Title: Lessons from the ApEx trenches
    Speaker: Bill Holtzman, National Air Traffic Controllers Association
  • Session Number: 447
    Presentation Title: ApEx Cheat Sheet
    Speaker: Karen Cannell, Integra Technology Consulting
  • Session Number: 461
    Presentation Title: Mastering Application Express E-mail
    Speaker: Tony Jedlinski, Roman Inc.

And ...

  • Session Number: 467
    Presentation Title: APEX by Example - Shared Components
    Speaker: Dimitri Gielis, Ordina

We'll also do another APEX SIG round table (like we did on OOW)

Date: Tuesday, April 17th from 3:30 pm - 4:30 pm
Title: APEX SIG Meeting/Round table
Abstract: Announcements and plans for the APEX SIG followed by an expert round table discussion of APEX issues, questions, and ideas
Presenters: Steve Howard with APEX experts Dimitri Gielis, Tony Jedlinski, John Scott

As already said before we're also organizing another APEX Meet up. You can register here.


Joel R. Kallman said...

Don't forget this one:


Dimitri Gielis said...

An update can be found here: http://dgielis.blogspot.com/2007/02/apex-in-las-vegas-on-collaborate-07_08.html