Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Most famous Belgian penguin springs back to life

After one year, Wim Coekaerts blogged again! He explains very well what he did in the last months and what the Oracle Linux program is all about.

The last weeks I also got a lot of questions about "Oracle linux" and if it was a distro or something else? In fact it's a support program from Oracle, so not a real "distro". The source is the same as Redhat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), but the trademarks are removed and replaced by Oracle ones. The complete package is free, you only pay for support!

This paragraph, copied from Wim's post, says it all:
We HAD to re-brand the RHEL setup because you just can't get free for download from anywhere. So we take out trademarks, copyrights and graphics and we replace it with, well, other names and definitely a cuter logo ! Between Red Hat, Novell and Oracle, we 're the only one with a penguin as a mascot ! duh. And that becomes our "distribution". Do we want to fork ? No, not at all, not one bit, do we do this for fun ? No. Do we do this to create more work ? No. We do it because that's the only way we can build a CD set based on an open source product from an open source company that we can make available for download for free.

Oracle Enterprise Linux 4 can be downloaded from

The Unbreakable Linux Network can be found here. Did you know that this site is written in Apex? ;-) You see; Apex is all over the place!


Patrick Wolf said...

> [...] Did you know that this site is written in Apex?

Isn't Sergio now in the Linux group? Seems that he is still spreading APEX :-)


Dimitri Gielis said...

Yep, it's Sergio ;-)

Anonymous said...

yeah sergio is around ;) he built uln ;)