Saturday, August 11, 2007

Oracle 11g and some APEX 3.0.1 news

Already a lot others blogged about Oracle 11g (for Linux) is available for download. A direct link to the homepage of Oracle Database 11g.

Oracle proofs again why it's a leader and innovator in the database market. In 11g you get again a lot of new features.

Some of the new features I think can be really useful in an APEX environment:

  • Real Application Testing
  • SecureFiles (next generation of LOB)
  • Result Cache (storing the results of queries and PL/SQL functions)
  • Enhancements in XML, Text, Spatial and Medical Imaging
  • Oracle Flashback Data Archive
  • PL/SQL improvements for ex. native compilation
  • APEX 3.0.1 out-of-the-box

John Scott already installed Oracle Database 11g (with APEX) and blogged about it here and here. He mentioned a difference in release: where the standalone APEX 3.0.1 has a version number of, the version in 11g is

Carl Backstrom told there were some minor bug fixes, which explains the difference at the very end of the number. Carl also blogged about a new thing he's working on (which I expect will probably be in some of the next releases of APEX). Next to the declarative AJAX support (which will be improved with every APEX version), he now talks about "tags". Have a look on his blog! I see these tags useful to give users the availability to create some "shortcuts" on their screen to parts of the application they use most.


Anonymous said...


Did you guys notice yet, that the 11G documentation library is made available through an Apex application?


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Toon,

Thanks for your message.
Do you have an url?

I looked at and this doesn't look like an APEX app, but more like a portal one...


Carl Backstrom said...


I don't think it's an APEX application, but it does look like they had a look at our nifty table of contents navigation , actually I know they did since I shared it with a couple doc groups.

I specifically like the new comments section. I think it will have a huge effect on how the doc groups work with their doc reviews.


Donald Ferreira said...

Hello Dimitri,

In Packaged application there is an apps called Loan Calculator. I have a question:

Navigation: Calculate Payment. Enter all fields and hit Submit button. There comes a Tab page below it -> Loan Schedule and Chart.

I am curious how to display this Tab Page below the questionnaire. Could you please help?

Thanks in advance

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Donald,

I didn't install that application myself, but what you are searching for is a theme with 2 level tabs.
Go to Shared Components > Themes and get one that supports 2 level tabs.
Next you want to make sure your page template is actually using the two level tabs template and that in the tabs itself you have a parent tab etc defined.

Hope that helps,