Thursday, August 23, 2007

Update: European Apex Training Days (in 2 weeks)

A few weeks ago we released our agenda to the people coming to the AE European Oracle Application Express Training Days.

This training will be held in two weeks time in Brussels. It's not a beginners training, more an advanced one, although "advanced" is difficult to measure.

During the last weeks I spoke with people working with APEX for more than two years, so they are quiet advanced I would say. But they are used to work in a certain manner and like with everything, if you don't know you can do it in a different way, you don't do it.
Next to that, there are still a huge amount of people working with version 2.2 of APEX, so all the new features of version 3 they don't know yet.

If you look at our agenda, you may think that Reports & Charts is not such an advanced topic, which is partially true. But if we look at trainings we did before, it was quiet useful to get people on the same level with that topic.

I look forward meeting all people and I'm sure we'll get some hard questions ;-)

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