Monday, September 17, 2007

I love PLSQL and...

John Scott and I are very pleased to announce a website we created for our friend, Steven Feuerstein.

A while ago I blogged about "Apex Evangelist meets PLSQL Evangelists" (see also this pic). I met Steven for the first time in real life at ODTUG last year. I've always been admiring him... the way he presents, his charisma, friendliness and of course his PLSQL knowledge.
So, doing this project was a real honour!

Some blogs already announced (even before it was "real" production) Steven Feuerstein's new website, called "I love PLSQL and ... (.net)". The url some websites referenced was wrong. This is the url you should use to see the site:

Naturally the site was fully created in Oracle Application Express ;-)
It's a fairly simple site, but if you look good, you'll see the integration of some 3rd party products like "Highslide" (click on the picture of Steven!) and "Captcha" (register for an account). You'll also see some AJAX (Asynchronous Update) in the Flash Charts.

We hope you'll like the site and hope it can be a step towards the improvement of the PLSQL language.

John and I really enjoyed making this site... Shall we also make such a site for APEX?

Update: I first wanted to shock people with the title "I love PLSQL and .NET", but finally decided to change it again as I got a lot of reactions ;-) ... (see also other blog post)


Anonymous said...


Ya gotta be more careful with your titles. It looks like you're advocating not only PL/SQL but also the Microsoft .NET platform! :-)

You might give people the wrong idea!


Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Doug,

I suppose that was the intention ;-)
(the title is entirely from Steven of course)

Let me see if I get a lot of visitors from the M$ site with this post... they'll read about APEX and fall in love ;-)


Unknown said...

On the results graph, how did you get the 'average' line (currently at a value of 5)? I didn't think that ApEx would do that...

Unknown said...


Good utilization of APEX :-) .

Any chance you (or Steve) are going to send me a brief write up to be included on our soon to be released "APEX Internet Applications" OTN page.

While you are at it I would also love to include the Apex Evangelists site as well.