Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Update: I love PLSQL and ... (.net)

I got some messages about the title of my previous blog post and the picture you get when clicking on Steven Feuerstein's photo on the site.

The title of my previous blog post was a bit to "shock" some people and see what it would do to the stats of my site. ;-) Nothing spectacular of course... but I got a lot of mails or comments about this title. You know now why I did it... it's not Steven's opinion he likes PLSQL and .NET, of course NOT ;-)

To avoid problems or comments in the future I changed the title to a normal one you could expect.

The website got in the meanwhile some small updates. Nothing spectacular, just some improvements Bryn asked.
For ex.: "Can we get an estimate of the amount of PL/SQL they have (both no. of compilation units and no. of source code lines)."
Implementation: On the site you'll see two new fields: Estimated PL/SQL code volume: Lines [ ] Programs [ ]

And finally about the picture... that's Steven (when he was a bit younger)!

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Unknown said...

Actually I think that sire should be named as "I love PLSQL but ..." instead of " and ".