Monday, October 01, 2007

Dinner with Steven

Last night my family and I met Steven Feuerstein. Steven past Brussels on his way to Oslo and was so friendly to invite us for dinner.

It was a special night... it was the first real time we went out with our baby, the first time Matthias went to a restaurant and the first time my wife met Steven.
Of course she already knew him from me talking about him, but I think she was pleasantly surprised we could also talk about other things then PLSQL and APEX ;-)

Although it's already autumn in Belgium it was a nice and warm (for the season) evening.
We went to one of the most famous streets in Brussels, called Rue des Bouchers, basically a street with only restaurants...

It's amazing how fast things go... I think it was June 2006 at ODTUG when I met Steven for the first time in real life. From then on I met him several times on Oracle conference and only a year later we have diner in Brussels. As I already blogged before, I've been always looking up to Steven, so it was a great pleasure to have a meal with him.

I think Matthias will also be proud after a couple of years when he sees the picture of "the PLSQL Evangelist" holding him in his arms. I certainly don't want to push Matthias in the direction of computers and software... there're so many others things in the world to explore, he needs to find his own way. Nevertheless I'm already proud in his place ;-)

Thanks Steven for the lovely evening! And I'm so happy I could share it this time with my family...


Anonymous said...

You look really different on the pictures than in real life;-)

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hi Mike,

To be clear, I'm on the right ;-)
Maybe I look different because I was a bit tired... the first days with a baby are great but a lot of sleep isn't included in the package ;-)


Steven Feuerstein said...

Many thanks, Dimitri. It was a real honor and pleasure to spend an evening with your family. Matthias was brilliant and very eloquent. We all knew exactly what he wanted - and he got it.