Wednesday, February 27, 2008

APEX 3.1 online

Today there was a little downtime on because it got upgraded to a pre-production release of Oracle Application Express 3.1.

Carl Backstrom already announced a code freeze, so the upgrade is the next step before it will be give to us all. The public 3.1 release is going to be very soon now ;-)

If you didn't subscribe to the evaluation version or read anything about it, here's a list of the new features in APEX 3.1 The list is rough, there're some more changes and undocumented ones.

If you want to see some new features in action, there's a nice showcase application.

The well known Sample Application got also an update and uses some of the new features. For ex. the Interactive reports and the Blob support on page 3 and 6 I find really nice.

I tried my AE Survey application also in APEX 3.1 and it seems to work now too.

Thanks APEX-team, great job!


Anonymous said...

The URL provided for survey app is not working. Is that pointing towards the apexbeta site, may be?


Dimitri Gielis said...

Yes, it was created on the beta instance.
I didn't put it on yet.

I'm adapting the AE Survey application, so keep watching my blog. I'll post about it.


Drew said...

Did you ever update your survey? I tried using a version I found on sourceforge but it seems to have issues.