Tuesday, February 19, 2008

ODTUG's first podcast

I got a mail of Mike Riley, Vice President of ODTUG, who mentioned their first podcast.

I listened with great amusement. It was a nice newsflash, which started with some sound I didn't expect, which came back between the talks. Nicely done Marc.

Kathleen was "the guide" and talked with an unbelievable enthusiasm. She talked about ODTUG and presented the other speakers. I think I heard John Jeunette, President of ODTUG, who presented the board. Then Dale Lowery talked about the coming Kaleidoscope 2008 Oracle conference. I couldn't believe my ears when I heard my name! I feel a bit embarrassed to be named next to people like Tom Kyte, Steven Feuerstein, Paul Dorsey and some other big names in Oracle space. For APEX they also mentioned Scott Spendoline, Patrick Wolf and John Scott.

APEX got a lot of attention during the podcast, which I think is great.

Mike Riley also talked about the SIGs (one of them is APEX). I believe it's a nice first podcost... looking forward to the next one.

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