Sunday, March 23, 2008

APEX Training for two weeks (and London)

Last week I was in London for our second European APEX Training Days. We had people from the Netherlands, Denmark, Greece, Belgium and the UK of course.

Twice a year we try to make a special program for the attendees. We started this time with our Best Practices in an APEX project. Afterwards we covered several topics including APEX 3.1 new features and beyond. (I've several draft posts about it, but didn't find the time to finish it yet.)

As on our first APEX training in Brussels we included a hands-on exercise on the second day. In the evening we also took the attendees out for a diner in "Sale e Pepe", a famous Italian in London.

On Monday John and I went to that restaurant to try it out (more an excuse to have some great food ;-)). At one moment John whistled we were sitting next to Terry Venables, a famous English coach/manager of Tottenham and the English squad. If John hadn't told me I wouldn't have recognized him I think, but it stays nice to meet such a guy in the restaurant.

On the closing day we had some other presentations like 3rd Party integration, a large Q&A section and a Quiz. The quiz was won by Jon, with a close second for Lucy. Lucy came also to our first APEX training! It was great to see her again. I guess we didn't do it that bad the first time ;-)

It felt nice when the attendees came to us to say goodbye and hearing that they really enjoyed it and learned a lot. I enjoyed it very much too! Thank you all.

After a short sight seeing trip in London I went back home to see my family. It's unbelievable how quick you miss your little kid.

I can't really enjoy the successful training and the time with my family as I already need to go to the States for another APEX training for one of our customers.

Till the end of April I'll be very busy, but then I plan to take a little break. I'll soon do some more postings about APEX 3.1 and my stay in the States.

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