Monday, March 24, 2008

Worst airport?

I shouldn't maybe say these things, but the worst airport in my experience is LA.

The flight went really smooth. I flew from Brussels to London and from there to Los Angeles. I slept a bit after a tiring last week, worked on my laptop (thanks 2nd battery!) and the food wasn't that bad with British Airways. We even arrived to early in LA, but then it began...

The airport itself isn't to bad, but this time I had to queue for more than 2,5 hours to enter the States! I believe that's a bit too long... the CBP officers were not only slow (maybe due to hardware? software? other colleagues? etc), but very slow. Of course we picked the wrong queue! Next to us it went a bit smoother, but ours... There were multiple reasons why it didn't progress, but the most important reason: under staffed. (maybe Easter had something to do with it?)

The good thing is that the weather is great, especially compared to the UK and Belgium.

I finally managed to enter the States and go to our car which we hired for a week. The people are very friendly again and I'm staying in a nice hotel.

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Janick said...

Very busy but intresting days so it seems!
Nice hotel indeed, where I work now in cologne they also suggested to hyatt hotel, but a bit too expensive for me :-)

Best off luck and enjoy!