Thursday, September 25, 2008

OOW08 - Larry announces Oracle hardware - APEX will run fast

The keynote just finished. Larry Ellison announced Oracle is also providing hardware together with HP. If you want the worlds fastest machine for the Oracle database you should buy Exadata!

If you think about it... some say that APEX can't scale (which is absolute rubbish), if you get Exadata, how fast will that be then? Every APEX page in less then 0.01 second ;-)

I got up to the stage and talked about it to Larry and he gave me one of these nice machines as a present! Thanks Larry!

For the people believing I got such a machine, it was a joke ;-)


Marco Gralike said...

Ehh how "fast", you mean milliseconds, right. Cool shot though


SydOracle said...

Ah, lovely APEX AnyCharts in a Flash (sorry, couldn't resist the pun).

Johannes de Jong said...

Hope your wife won’t get jealous of your new "girlfriend" ;-)

babinho said...

And consume electricity like a small town?