Saturday, September 27, 2008

OOW08 - Last day

On the last day of Oracle Open World I followed one session.

At 9 AM John Scott presented Dispelling Myths About Oracle Application Express.
I really liked this session as it started differently, the topic is hot and he made use of some nice visual effects like a 3D Timeline and some nice videos.
The session answered the most common questions we get in the APEX community, especially from people who doubt the power of APEX. Is APEX new? Is APEX scalable? Is APEX web 2.0? etc.

I hope John will do this presentation again on some other events as I think it's a must seen presentation!

After having some Chinese food we went to the airport as our flight was already in the afternoon.

The flight went well, although it stays a long flight, but I could sleep a bit. Back home I'm recovering from a good Oracle Open World. It was especially nice to meet people in real life again.


Johannes de Jong said...

Welcome back on this side of the big pond.


Joel R. Kallman said...

Nice to see you again, Dimitri. I hope you had a successful Oracle Open World and a safe trip home.