Monday, September 15, 2008

Preview Oracle APEX 4.0 - Websheets

Oracle Application Express 4.0 will include a lot of nice new features. You can read about these in the statement of direction.

A few months ago I put some screen shots of the Websheets functionality on my blog.

Now I'm happy to show you a video so you can see it working live! As like my previous post this presentation got recorded during Marc Sewtz's APEX presentation. Again I edited it and put some music to it. The music is carefully chosen of course, but if you don't like it, put the volume to mute. The preview takes just over 4 minutes. Here we go...

A better quality video can be downloaded in m4v format or swf format.


Anonymous said...

Also note that you can append &fmt=18 to the URL of any youtube video to get a higher quality version. Nice post!


Glenn said...

You Sexy Thing was the perfect song! Websheets look so awesome. I just getting back into APEX and this is really exciting.


Anonymous said...

Wonderful feature, but the first line of the song predicts more!

Enjoy OOW.


ITWorks said...

Loved the song! Websheets looks amazing. Thank you for the demo. I've been looking for this kind of app for my site