Sunday, May 03, 2009

Flying to Orlando

Today I'm flying to Orlando, Florida for IOUG Collaborate.
It will be a long day today as my train to the airport left already at 5 am. I'll arrive in Florida at 3.30 pm, that is 9.30 pm Belgium time, so a 16,5 hours journey.

I tend to work on the flight, that's why I've two batteries for my laptop, but that is even not enough to hold till the end, so a while back I ended up buying an airport power cable. If you travel in World Traveler Plus you have a power connection in your seat, which works great.

At the moment I'm waiting for my connecting flight in Gatwick and I got a very nice surprise from BA... I got a free upgrade to Business Class!
I already looked up the seat I have (sitting in 3rd row) on SeatGuru (see picture). I'll have a real bed (I think) and I'm very curious to see how different flying Business is :-) I'll let you know in 10 hours time!

It's always good to adapt to the local timezone as quick as possible so my evening is fully booked. I'll start with the Welcome Reception (there will be an APEX table there) and a bit later I'm going to a restaurant called the Redrock Canyon Grill. Mike Riley, President of the ODTUG board, was so kind to invite me.

The next days will be busy again...

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