Friday, May 15, 2009

Video - How to install the Anychart integration kit for APEX

I just added a video to the Anychart integration kit for APEX website which shows you in five minutes how to install the kit.

In the video I don't "upgrade" the Flash charts of APEX, but instead I show how you can use both versions together. So you'll be able to use both the Anychart 3 charts you get out-of-the-box with APEX and the Anychart 5 charts you get with the integration kit.

I uploaded the video to YouTube, but the quality seems to have dropped quite a bit.

I recommend to look at the original video as the quality is a bit better. You can download the video and play in your favorite media player (e.g. QuickTime) in full screen.


Louis-Guillaume said...

Nice video! What application do you use to record your screencast?

Dimitri Gielis said...

Thanks Louis-Guillaume.
I made this video with ScreenFlow (OSX).

Gerben said...

Youtube standard shows its videos in Low Quality (low bandwith) on my machine. For video's who do exist in a higher quality (includong yours) YouTube shows (on my machine) a button labeled HD which you can press to play the high quality (high bandwith) video.

Hope this helps you.

Excellent tutorial by the way.

Gerben de Vries

Anonymous said...


roel hardman posted a much easier way to do this

you should have a look, it is much easier than the integration kit

Dimitri Gielis said...

Hello "Anonymous",

I've seen Roel's post yes, but thanks for pointing me to it.
I think Roel did a nice job if you want a free solution and don't need all features of Anychart 5.
I don't think the Integration Kit is difficult if you can install it in less than 5 minutes, but yes you need to do one download more.


Anonymous said...

so your saying that roel is better because its free and less difficult than yours?

ok thanks

Dimitri Gielis said...

I don't say on or the other is better.

What Roel did is using what you already have in APEX Interactive Reports. In APEX you have basically two versions of Anychart: 3.3 and 4.2. The normal charts use Anychart 3.3, the Interactive Report uses Anychart 4.2. With his technique you can transform the Anychart 3.3 into 4.2 versions.

The goal of the integration kit is to let you integrate the latest version of Anychart with APEX, so you have nicer looking charts and the full potential of Anychart. e.g. heat maps, Gauges, Dashboards

If you are happy with the Anychart 4 types chart, sure use Roel's method. But be careful as things might change in APEX 4. So you would need to test that.


jfortney said...

Thanks for the post. Very nice. I just switched from PC to mac recently. I am an avid oracle/apex developer. I know you are a mac guy as well. I saw you had a large list of apps on your dock. Can you give me a good list of apps on the mac for development. I will take anything and everything from oracle to any sort of utility you find handy. I feel a little lost without my familiar PC apps.